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Are you suffering from a chipped or broken tooth? Are you perhaps experiencing a decayed tooth that is unable to hold so much as a filling? Are you aware that if a cracked tooth or tooth decay can extend into your tooth’s root, which will create an even worse dental issue when left untreated? Dental crowns are a viable solution to these problems that plague you. This authentic appearing, comfortable solution remedies broken, cracked, or decayed teeth that cannot be fixed with a simple filling.

Crowns are porcelain or metal caps that completely cover teeth that exhibit severe dental problems. Dr. Maria Tugbang or Dr. Shafiq Kara, our dentists, have the expertise to snugly fit crowns to the base of your gums to protect the structural integrity of the remaining tooth, preventing further issues with the tooth that has been capped.

To find out if dental crowns are a viable solution for you, call us at (604) 882-9116. We can schedule an appointment for you at our centre in Langley. If you are also suffering from a single or multiple missing teeth, we can suggest solutions to remedy that matter, as well. We may suggest bridges or other cosmetic dental solutions that similarly provide lasting results and aesthetic beauty just like crowns do. We strive to provide better advantages in contrast to removable appliances or partial dentures.

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