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Dental implants are a seamless solution to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Further, this option provides a completely seamless, natural appearance of your teeth. As implants are applied by being permanently placed through the jawbone, this stable and stationary cosmetic dental remedy we offer facilitates better chewing than occurs when removable dentures are utilized.

Dental implants are designed to form a mechanical and chemical bond to fuse with your jawbone, which allows it to largely become part of your natural teeth. In fact, the jawbone actually naturally becomes part of the implant by growing into it. Our dentists, Dr. Tugbang or Dr. Shafiq Kara, will gladly evaluate if this option is ideal for you. They can determine the health of your oral tissues and your jawbone to determine whether you are a good candidate for this cosmetic dental solution. Even if you are not a good candidate for this procedure, our cosmetic dentists can discuss other viable options to a prettier, healthier smile.

Don’t wait to show off your pearly whites with the comfortable, perfect fit that dental implants can provide. In fact, you may even have nicer teeth than you ever did when your dental implant(s) have been installed. We look forward to your visit and urge you to contact us at Sage Dental Implant & Smile Centre by calling (604) 882-9116!

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